Bottle Rocket is a small batch, additive-free hot sauce company that uses only fresh ingredients to craft a simply better tasting hot sauce.


I guess you can say my hot sauce obsession story starts with my parents. Growing up in an Italian family, food was a big part of our culture and there always seemed to be hot sauce involved. Over the years, I've grown to appreciate the art of craft-made sauces and now as a father (of 3), the use of clean, fresh ingredients is critically important to me and my family.


In 2013, I started a jewelry company in memory of my late brother Danny, who passed away from cancer at the young age of 33. It's an amazing story that you can read here

The experience with my brother, the jewelry business, and starting a family (which all happened at the same time) taught me that above anything else, I should always follow my passion. In 2023, I sold the jewelry business and was looking to start something new. That drew me back to my obsession with hot sauce and - more importantly - creating a community of people who care about what they’re putting in their bodies & love good sauce.